Music is a strong inspiration in both my life and art. Artistic Audities is a series that illustrates the emotive quality of music, as well as its narrative aspect. Songs are about ideas and characters and conjure images and storylines in my head. Here I present those stories in visual form.

“The Gallows is God”

The now-defunct Distillers was a punk band led by Australian singer and guitarist Brody Dalle. She was at one time married to Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong. Their marriage ended prior […]

“St. Mary”

Rancid’s 1994 album Let’s Go! wasn’t their first, but it was the start of their steady rise to fame in the 90’s. It is a quintessentially Rancid album that displays […]

“Let Me Go”

Rancid’s my favorite band. I appreciate artists that defy easy categorization by fusing elements of different genres, and Rancid’s combination of rough punk stylings and ska rhythms drew me in […]


I really, really enjoyed UK artist La Roux’s self-titled debut album (’09) and “Tigerlily” quickly became one of my favorite songs, period. It’s 80’s-style synth-pop stylings and crashing beats are […]

“Safety Pin Stuck in My Heart”

Originally a song by punk legend Patrik Fitzgerald, it was covered by Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong in his intriguing side project Tim Timebomb and Friends. Both versions are cool, but […]

“Evil Friends”

Another entry in my music-inspired “Artistic Audities” series, this is an illustration of the title track off Portugal. The Man’s latest album. The indie rock band, despite its bafflingly obtuse […]

“Forever Growing Centipedes”

“Forever Growing Centipedes” is a song by The Faint, from their 2008 album “Fasciinatiion.” I found it a bit weaker and more uneven than their previous efforts, although it still […]

“High Plains Drifter”

“High Plains Drifter” is a Beastie Boys song from their 1989 album “Paul’s Botique.” Its name is drawn from Clint Eastwood’s 1973 western film. Besides the title, the song does not […]

“If This Hat is Missing I Have Gone Hunting”

I draw a lot of inspiration from music. It would take an (extremely boring) essay to explain why, but to summarize, there’s something incredibly rousing and creatively invigorating about music. […]