Illustration for a variety of industries, including commercial, editorial, publishing, film & TV, video games, packaging, and more.

  • "Let Me Go"
  • "Mom and Spawn"
  • Shavaya
  • Boob Tube
  • Judy
  • “Safety Pin in My Heart”
  • Like Mother's Milk
  • william shakespeare art print
  • It Happened in Space
  • Roxxy
  • Zom-PC
  • "Devoted Father, Loving Husband"
  • Willie Nelson, Culture Magazine March 2012
  • Forever Growing Centipedes

Art Commissions

Artwork created  on demand, tailored to any individual’s needs.

  • day of the dead art print
  • phoenix art print
  • william shakespeare art print
  • Zom-PC

Business Wholesale

All artwork and products are available for sale in your store or business. These are unique and gorgeous items that your customers will buy again and again. Products for available at any price point, a bargain for any consumer.

  • Nautilus
  • Luna Oscura
  • bat art print
  • day of the dead cat candle
  • Flamingo art print
  • day of the dead art print
  • Unicorn Art Print
  • Peacock art print
  • Wolf art print
  • Cheetah art print


Existing art and illustration is available for short and long-term licensing. Exclusive rights to any imagery may be negotiated at a greater cost.

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