Commissions & Custom Art

Do you do custom art?

What kinds of custom art can you do?
I can create art for a variety of purposes—personal commissions, commercial illustration, logos and graphic design, storyboarding, cartoons, etc.

What don’t you do?
I’m not a painter and don’t do murals, or anything directly on custom surfaces (pinstriping, etc.). I am not a caricature artist. I don’t do tattoos, but I can create designs for them. Also, I prefer to work in my own style, so please don’t ask me to use a different one.

Can you create a portrait of a person or pet in Day of the Dead style?

How long do portraits take?
Depending on the size and any revisions involved, I like to budget at least 2–3 weeks from start to finish of a project.

What is the final product?
A high quality gallery wrapped, ready-to-hang canvas stretched over a wooden frame.

What is the process?
I work from photos emailed by clients. It’s ideal if at least a few are provided and they are high resolution. Proofs of every step of the project will be shown for approval to ensure satisfaction.

What is the pricing for portraits?
Base pricing is as follows. Extra detail and complexity will entail more time and a higher price. Changes made after approvals are given will be additional charges. Pricing is subject to change.

  • 11 x 17”—$600
  • 14 x 22”—$1,000
  • 16 x 20”—$1,000
  • 18 x 24”—$1,400
  • 20 x 26”—$1,600
  • 24 x 30”—$2,300

Any discounts for multiple portraits?
Sorry, no. More work is more work. Pricing is nonnegotiable.

What if I want more than one person/figure in the portrait?
Pricing is mainly determined by overall size. More subjects increases the time involved and can possibly entail a higher fee.

How is payment handled?
I accept credit card and Paypal. A nonrefundable 50% deposit is required to start, with the remaining balance due upon the project’s completion.

What about pricing for other types of projects?
Please email your project details for an exact quote. Either a flat fee or hourly rate will apply.

Can you draw my comic book project?
Unfortunately, no. I’m very occupied with my own comic projects and will be for the foreseeable future. I can do covers and other single illustrations, though.