Welcome to the Art & Illustration of Nicholas Ivins!

Nicholas Ivins is an award-winning artist and illustrator based in San Diego, creating comic-inspired art that explores the offbeat and dark beauty of this wacky world.

His art and illustration has been featured in publications, events, and venues all across the country. As a visual storyteller, Nick strives to create images that are bold and colorful, yet emotive and nuanced.  He explores a wide range of subject matter, including Day of the Deadanimals, music, and more, all from an offbeat and irreverent viewpoint.

Nick’s ink and digital art is heavily influenced by the comics and cartoons he grew up on and his approach involves finding unexplored and often subversive angles on subjects. His offbeat and technically precise approach to art places him among the growing ranks of lowbrow/pop surrealist artists. Above all, he enjoys pushing the boundaries of his skills while continually searching for new depths of meaning and unique perspectives of our increasingly complex world.


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