“Team Burks”

This was a commission from a good friend of mine, a tribute to her husband’s guitar and other interests of his – surfing, fishing, music, and family. She married a man, in other words. She wanted his first guitar to be the centerpiece of the image. He also appreciates Day of the Dead-styled imagery, so the piece was done with that in mind. For some reason I thought it would be cute (?) to do it as a sort of twisted family portrait, so I included the skulls to represent him, her, and their dog. The blues of the background help to give the impression of water, which ties in to the surfing, fishing, and the general area they live in. Overall, the piece is sort of a Day of the Dead shrine to him and his passions. Except he’s still alive, of course. It was a fun project and I was happy to help a friend out.

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