“Phoenix Heart”

This commissioned piece was intended to be a sleeve tattoo and include multiple elements that the client liked – including a sacred heart that was out of the ordinary. I decided to go with an anatomical heart (which I always liked because of its complex form), which was all too easy to pair with a […]

“St. Shakespeare”

This was a commissioned piece from a client who is writing a book involving Shakespeare and the Catholic Church, which naturally played to my strengths and interests in religious imagery. The concept was to depict Shakespeare as a Catholic saint in the classical style, surrounded by various objects of symbolic meaning. The client had a […]


This was a commission piece for the side panel of a computer tower. The client wanted a girl firing some guns into a crowd of zombies. He also admired the limited color palette of pieces like “Vamp” and “Moderni Lamia.” I employed a solid color halftone motif in the background, which always gives a great […]

“Team Burks”

This was a commission from a good friend of mine, a tribute to her husband’s guitar and other interests of his – surfing, fishing, music, and family. She married a man, in other words. She wanted his first guitar to be the centerpiece of the image. He also appreciates Day of the Dead-styled imagery, so […]

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