A continuation of my (yet unnamed; I’ll work on it) series of similarly–styled portraits, this might be the first time I’ve used blatantly photographic imagery in an art piece. The background is composed of punk zines and concert posters. I’m definitely no expert on that aspect of punk culture, but I do admire the DIY, […]


I decided to do a second series of the carnival girls from my “If This Hat is Missing…” piece, this time all wielding various weapons. Like the last series, I tried to make each one unique in both their props, physical stance, and the personality each suggested. Mirela’s my favorite (for reasons I can’t quite […]

“Moderni Lamia”

I had been wanting for years to experiment with some halftone coloration, so I decided to employ that here. The imagery itself was something that popped into my head in dream state. Whether it deserved to be brought into our reality is anyone’s guess. The title is Latin for “Modern Vampire.” Why Latin? Here’s a […]

“Team Burks”

This was a commission from a good friend of mine, a tribute to her husband’s guitar and other interests of his – surfing, fishing, music, and family. She married a man, in other words. She wanted his first guitar to be the centerpiece of the image. He also appreciates Day of the Dead-styled imagery, so […]

“The Mesmerizing Mirela,” etc.

I decided to do one-shot posters of all the girls from my “If This Hat is Missing…” piece. It started with just  a simple drawing of “Mirela,” which grew to drawings of all of them, and then backgrounds, and then fully-realized poster designs (with hand-drawn type) that were artificially aged in  Photoshop. There were clearly […]

“Snoop Dogg”

This was a full page illustration for the October issue of Culture magazine, a medical marijuana publication in Southern California. No story or anything, just a full-page portrait of Snoop Dogg. I don’t get asked to do portraits or caricatures of famous people very often, so I enjoyed the opportunity this assignment provided. Snoop Dogg […]


Doing these digital pieces has gotten me out of my comfort zone somewhat, and in this image I tried some new things. There’s a more focused narrative aspect going on here than usual in my stuff (don’t ask me what though, is mystery!). I studied some Japanese ukiyo-e prints for inspiration, and while my image […]


I felt like making a drawing of a happy redhead, and the following image popped into my head. But then I thought, “No, that’s much to similar to one I just did. I’m such an idiot!” But then I thought, “No mom, I’m not an idiot! What if I make a drawing that is the […]


Doing the “Vamp” piece put me in a mood to do some digital pieces,so here’s another one. I didn’t give any thought towards color until after the thing was already drawn, and I tried a couple different options before settling on green. Red looked cool, but that was too much like the Vamp drawing (and […]

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