“Surfer Rosa”

skateboard art

The second skateboard deck design I’ve done (first here), this was another board given to me by Zories Flip Flops & Beachwear that I started and finished at an event. I wanted to push my skills and the medium a bit farther than before, and I think this piece turned out pretty well. The design was created on the fly over the two-day event, and considering how outside my comfort zone that process is, the result is impressive to me. The next one I’ll probably throw some color in!

Despite its title, the piece is not part of my music-inspired Artistic Audities series. I just happened to complete the board at a (shitty) surf festival, and the girl happened to be Mexican, so… I’m really bad at titles, is what I mean.

The deck measures approximately 32″ long by 8.5″ wide.

Surfer Rosa

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