“The Gallows is God”

The now-defunct Distillers was a punk band led by Australian singer and guitarist Brody Dalle. She was at one time married to Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong. Their marriage ended prior to The Distillers’ third (and final) album Coral Fang in 2003 (and Rancid’s Indestructible album in the same year). Both bands’ respective albums deal with […]

“St. Mary”

Rancid’s 1994 album Let’s Go! wasn’t their first, but it was the start of their steady rise to fame in the 90’s. It is a quintessentially Rancid album that displays many of their trademarks—a surprisingly large collection (23 tracks total) of short and fast melodies (not a single track reaches the 3:00 mark) centered around […]


I really, really enjoyed UK artist La Roux’s self-titled debut album (’09) and “Tigerlily” quickly became one of my favorite songs, period. It’s 80’s-style synth-pop stylings and crashing beats are instantly captivating, and anything that harkens to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is a-OK in my book. The vocals and lyrics are also very effective, contributing to […]

“Serpienta” Process

Drawings with an insane amount of detail like “Serpienta” of course require an insane amount of time (and willpower) to complete. The process of this project took place over a six week period (don’t ask how many hours).  It was not six weeks of solid work, but a result of having to divide my attention […]

Pacific San Diego Magazine Cover

This was the cover illustration for Pacific San Diego Magazine‘s Art Issue. They wanted some graffiti-themed art that would reference some local San Diego landmarks. I wanted to connect these themes as well as illustrate the underground, sometimes subversive nature of graffiti art in general. Placing the art beneath the Coronado Bridge served both needs, […]

“Evil Friends”

Another entry in my music-inspired “Artistic Audities” series, this is an illustration of the title track off Portugal. The Man’s latest album. The indie rock band, despite its bafflingly obtuse name has quickly become one of my favorite groups in the past few years. Evil Friends is arguably their strongest, most cohesive album to date […]

“Flora (6)”

As much as I love color and applying it in my art, it’s not something I think too much about. That probably makes me sound like kind of bad/lazy artist, but what I mean is that color is something I tend to do instinctively. My choices are usually bold and simple; when it comes time […]

“It Happened in Space”

It happened in space. It must have. She certainly wasn’t like this when she left the warm, glittering blanket of Earth’s atmosphere. The coldness of space now permeated every atom of her being; it was as if they had become one. The throbbing silence of the infinite void sang to her, echoing and mournful. This […]

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