“It Happened in Space”

It happened in space. It must have. She certainly wasn’t like this when she left the warm, glittering blanket of Earth’s atmosphere. The coldness of space now permeated every atom of her being; it was as if they had become one. The throbbing silence of the infinite void sang to her, echoing and mournful. This […]

“In the Fold”

Nope, nothing controversial here. This is a continuation of my vampire series that started with last year’s “Covenant.” It’s not necessarily a religious series, but that seems as good a place to start as any. Like the nun piece, I didn’t initially have any thematic motives when I came up with this one; the idea […]


A continuation of my (yet unnamed; I’ll work on it) series of similarly–styled portraits, this might be the first time I’ve used blatantly photographic imagery in an art piece. The background is composed of punk zines and concert posters. I’m definitely no expert on that aspect of punk culture, but I do admire the DIY, […]


This was a commission piece for the side panel of a computer tower. The client wanted a girl firing some guns into a crowd of zombies. He also admired the limited color palette of pieces like “Vamp” and “Moderni Lamia.” I employed a solid color halftone motif in the background, which always gives a great […]

“Devoted Father, Loving Husband”

This is a further exploration of my “Forever Growing Centipedes” piece. It may be too early to say, but maybe the concept has… legs? Seriously, though. I felt like returning to the more graphic style that I used to draw in. Over time I’ve noticed my art is steadily getting more detailed, which isn’t bad […]

“Willie Nelson”

A full page illustration for Culture Magazine, this was another portrait of a popular tokin’ figure (see what I did there?). Like Snoop Dogg, Willie has very characteristic features and is a fairly easy likeness to get right. I felt like doing something quiet and dignified, hence the pose and choice of black and white.

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