“The Gallows is God”

The now-defunct Distillers was a punk band led by Australian singer and guitarist Brody Dalle. She was at one time married to Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong. Their marriage ended prior to The Distillers’ third (and final) album Coral Fang in 2003 (and Rancid’s Indestructible album in the same year). Both bands’ respective albums deal with […]

“St. Mary”

Rancid’s 1994 album Let’s Go! wasn’t their first, but it was the start of their steady rise to fame in the 90’s. It is a quintessentially Rancid album that displays many of their trademarks—a surprisingly large collection (23 tracks total) of short and fast melodies (not a single track reaches the 3:00 mark) centered around […]

“Let Me Go”

Rancid’s my favorite band. I appreciate artists that defy easy categorization by fusing elements of different genres, and Rancid’s combination of rough punk stylings and ska rhythms drew me in from the first time I heard them. However, their self-titled 2000 album was less a broad exploration of their various influences than it was a […]


I really, really enjoyed UK artist La Roux’s self-titled debut album (’09) and “Tigerlily” quickly became one of my favorite songs, period. It’s 80’s-style synth-pop stylings and crashing beats are instantly captivating, and anything that harkens to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is a-OK in my book. The vocals and lyrics are also very effective, contributing to […]

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