Palomar Faculty Federation Mural Art

I was approached by an organization from Palomar College to create some wall art for their new off-campus office. They are Palomar Faculty Federation, a group dedicated to the fair and equitable treatment of teachers and educational workers alike, and so wanted some imagery that would recall the style and tone of old labor union […]

“Flora (6)”

As much as I love color and applying it in my art, it’s not something I think too much about. That probably makes me sound like kind of bad/lazy artist, but what I mean is that color is something I tend to do instinctively. My choices are usually bold and simple; when it comes time […]

“It Happened in Space”

It happened in space. It must have. She certainly wasn’t like this when she left the warm, glittering blanket of Earth’s atmosphere. The coldness of space now permeated every atom of her being; it was as if they had become one. The throbbing silence of the infinite void sang to her, echoing and mournful. This […]

“In the Fold”

Nope, nothing controversial here. This is a continuation of my vampire series that started with last year’s “Covenant.” It’s not necessarily a religious series, but that seems as good a place to start as any. Like the nun piece, I didn’t initially have any thematic motives when I came up with this one; the idea […]

“Phoebius” Process

1. Initial pencil sketch. “Phoebius” was a more experimental project for me in both subject matter and visual style. It took a couple sketches to work out the composition and her pose. I also wanted to see how my unique concept of shading and form would work out visually. 2. Completed full size pencil drawing. […]


A continuation of my (yet unnamed; I’ll work on it) series of similarly–styled portraits, this might be the first time I’ve used blatantly photographic imagery in an art piece. The background is composed of punk zines and concert posters. I’m definitely no expert on that aspect of punk culture, but I do admire the DIY, […]

“Moderni Lamia”

I had been wanting for years to experiment with some halftone coloration, so I decided to employ that here. The imagery itself was something that popped into my head in dream state. Whether it deserved to be brought into our reality is anyone’s guess. The title is Latin for “Modern Vampire.” Why Latin? Here’s a […]

“Snoop Dogg”

This was a full page illustration for the October issue of Culture magazine, a medical marijuana publication in Southern California. No story or anything, just a full-page portrait of Snoop Dogg. I don’t get asked to do portraits or caricatures of famous people very often, so I enjoyed the opportunity this assignment provided. Snoop Dogg […]


Doing these digital pieces has gotten me out of my comfort zone somewhat, and in this image I tried some new things. There’s a more focused narrative aspect going on here than usual in my stuff (don’t ask me what though, is mystery!). I studied some Japanese ukiyo-e prints for inspiration, and while my image […]

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