Pacific San Diego Magazine Cover

This was the cover illustration for Pacific San Diego Magazine‘s Art Issue. They wanted some graffiti-themed art that would reference some local San Diego landmarks. I wanted to connect these themes as well as illustrate the underground, sometimes subversive nature of graffiti art in general. Placing the art beneath the Coronado Bridge served both needs, […]

“St. Shakespeare”

This was a commissioned piece from a client who is writing a book involving Shakespeare and the Catholic Church, which naturally played to my strengths and interests in religious imagery. The concept was to depict Shakespeare as a Catholic saint in the classical style, surrounded by various objects of symbolic meaning. The client had a […]

Inland Empire Weekly cover Process (September 2007)

1. This was a cover story about many Mexican immigrants’ accounts of their journey to America, some legal and some not. After reading through the copy of the story the editor provided, I came up with a couple pages of sketches. I based most of my concepts on actual tales told by the various immigrants. […]


There’s a somewhat long and slightly interesting story behind this image. Interesting if you’re me, that is. It is a redo of an illustration I had done years prior for a magazine I was the art director of, 78 Magazine. The original image was a black-and-white graphite drawing for the cover of an issue that […]

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