There’s a somewhat long and slightly interesting story behind this image. Interesting if you’re me, that is. It is a redo of an illustration I had done years prior for a magazine I was the art director of, 78 Magazine. The original image was a black-and-white graphite drawing for the cover of an issue that […]

“Urban Legends”

This was an illustration featured in 78 Magazine’s big comeback issue for a story about urban legends. It was actually somewhat difficult to think of an urban legend to illustrate, but I eventually settled on this iconic one. But even then, I remember going through several sketches representing the story of the woman with the […]

“Question Authority”

A cover image for 78 Magazine, done back when I was merely a staff illustrator. The theme of the issue was “Question Authority,” and I came up with a number of sketches that explored that concept. This one was everyone’s favorite, and we even put up extra money so that we could have the color […]

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