“Valentina” Print

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This colossally detailed piece of a Dia de los Muertos saint is framed by an ornately elegant border, besotted with religious symbols and meaning.

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I wanted to capture the size and energy of my first Dia piece. Doing images with a tremendous amount of detail obviously take a tremendous amount of time, but they almost always pay off in final impact. I typically work quickly to maintain momentum and finish projects in a timely manner. But this one I really took my time on, mostly working on it at shows. Without a pressing desire to finish it, I went pretty overboard on the detail, which I think worked to the piece’s benefit. Not to say that more detail equals better art, though.

I’ve been exploring religious (Catholic, specifically) themes and imagery more and more in my work as of late. Despite my own non-religious affiliation, I’m fascinated by the power and cultural cache this type of imagery has. It’s something that has meaning to a very large amount of people, as opposed to something purely original and personal that only has meaning to me. It’s interesting to see the reaction and connection that people instantly seem to have with things like this, or Day of the Dead stuff. True enough, despite the fact I was never raised to behold any of this religious stuff, I myself can feel the power of it, if only because I know how much it means to others.

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