“Unicorn” Print

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A magical creature of sparkles and friendship!

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Unicorns  have been a staple fantasy creature in various European cultures going back to the ancient Greeks. There are many real-world animals (living and now extinct) that obliquely resemble the one-horned beasts, but I think its origin lies in a very basic human trait. We have an obsessive need to believe in things beyond what we can perceive with our own senses. We invent mythological creatures, cryptozoological monsters (like Bigfoot and Nessie), and other fantasies because we have a compulsion to believe that there’s more out there somewhere, lurking at the ends of the Earth or in some hidden, magical realm.

Unicorns are a perfect illustration of this; besides just being a horse with a single horn, they have a litany of fantastical powers that are attributed to them, including the ability to heal the sick or remove toxins from water. They are noble and benign creatures that symbolize grace and purity, which I find compelling and oddly sweet.

Besides that, they’re also a staple of 80’s and early 90’s nostalgia (in thanks mostly to the illustration and merchandise of Lisa Frank), which was the main inspiration for the style of the image. My color palettes are usually not reserved to begin with, but this was especially bonkers, color-wise. And fun!

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