“Sea Turtle” Print

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A beautifully rendered sea turtle gliding through a colorful, richly detailed underwater landscape.

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I’m definitely an animal person, in that I appreciate the myriad creatures that populate this planet both as pets/companions, as well as a more emotionally-distant (yet equally strong) scientific vantage point. This appreciation has always extended to my artistic pursuits, as animals (particularly sea life) were the subjects of my first drawings as a child.

I enjoy depicting animals with a lot of myriad detail, and many textures and colors. They are often quite time-consuming, but that makes the project all the more satisfying upon completion! The sea turtle provided a great challenge in regards to all the details. As usual, much time was spent on Google seeking out appropriately-detailed images from which to depict the marine reptile. I always strive for accurate detail, although I’m certain an expert could pick apart my rendering. I end up creating a sort of averaged-out amalgam of the various images that I collect.

My animal portraits tend to be more realistically-rendered than my other, human-based work, perhaps a reflection of my zoology-based interest. Still, I do employ some stylistic abstraction and artistic license; ultimately, my goal is to always make a pleasing, dynamic image.

I went through a frustrating process initially in my exploration of compositions for the piece; I tried at least a dozen different layouts, none of which I had much enthusiasm for. As I said, I strive to create a dynamic, interesting image, and try to depict subjects in unique ways. In this case, I picked the best pose/positioning of my sketches and moved forward. The details really helped to add interest to the turtle, and I think they help make up for an arguably plain composition.

The digital manipulation of color is usually my favorite part of the process, since that’s where the mood and tone of the piece really takes shape. I enjoyed adding depth and texture to the oceanic environment. The splash of coral in the lower left helps create the sense of depth while adding a nice amount of color to balance out the rest of the piece.

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