“Rooster” Print

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A quirky portrait of a funky bird!

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Roosters are of course a very familiar animal, but they seem to be underappreciated as far as their visual distinctiveness goes. As was the case with the sphynx cat, I wanted to capture the unique nontraditional beauty of an interesting-looking animal. Roosters are a smorgasbord of textures and colors, a nearly perfect artistic subject. Nearly every primary and secondary color is represented, and the range of surface details is rich and varied.

They are, for lack of a better term, funky birds. I suppose all birds are; as modern descendants of dinosaurs and cousins to reptiles they embody a certain alien quality to their appearance and jerky movements. But not so strange that they are off-putting. I think roosters exemplify that beautifully strange quality of avians, their flamboyant appearance contrasting with their serious demeanor/expression. The background wallpaper-like pattern was meant to convey that same oddball nature.

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