“Muerto” Print

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A companion piece to one of Nicholas Ivins’ most popular pieces, this features a ring bearer boy surrounded by a colorful array of Día de los Muertos imagery and symbols.

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A companion to the “Muerta” one I did several years ago; I’ve found the overwhelmingly positive reaction to “Muerta” interesting; it was the first Day of the Dead piece I ever did, and judging by sales, I seem to have gotten it right in the first try. Of course, I’ve done many since, and while many of them have proven to be very popular items as well, none have approached the popularity of that first one.

I rarely re-draw things I’ve done previously, unless there’s something significant different I can bring to the second round. There are some obvious differences on this one—the subject is male (referencing the duality of my “Muerta Bride” and “Muerto Groom” pieces), and the dominant background color is blue. The border was done in the same style as before, but I put in the extra effort to fill the squares with unique things. Likewise, the objects surrounding the boy are different, but meant to mirror the ones in “Muerta.”

It was a fun exercise overall and am pleased with how it turned out. Studying my previous work closely was instructive as to how I approached drawing at that time—not significantly different, but with enough subtleties to initiate a small-scale bout of nostalgia for those simpler times before I had to worry about event fees and my stock of prints.

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