“Marcos & Luna” Print

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An elegant, dancing Día de los Muertos couple!

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These are two characters I have revisited before, so it seemed appropriate to actually do one of them together. I’ve always depicted them as classy and elegant, so I wanted to further that in a similar fashion by showing them dancing. The human body is an endlessly challenging subject, and marrying two of such a complex form is more than twice as challenging!

It is an interesting exercise to revisit subjects I have done before. Having to depict them from different angles (and with hopefully increased skill) while still maintaining a similarity to the original is a challenge. One of the features I have always focused on are Luna’s tattoos, and in each instance I have expanded upon their design. I wanted to provide an equal focus on the two figures, so giving her a backless gown seemed like a good way to go. I first rendered her back in full detail, and then layered the tattoos on top of that afterward. It was  a time consuming method, but it was able to show off the design of the flowers as well as the anatomy of her back very well.

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