“El y El” Print

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Him and him, love and love…

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I had wanted to do gay themed Día pieces for years (in addition to tons of other ideas), but it wasn’t until I signed up to showcase at the San Diego Pride Music Festival that I had a specific reason to finally get them done. In exploring the Day of the Dead theme, I always strive to do things I haven’t seen before, which includes a man/man couple.

Cultural representation of all peoples is important for many reasons and has been a topic of discussion more and more in recent years, which also played a part in choosing to do this piece. For all the progress that has been made for LGBT rights recently, the opposition always seems poised to walk back those strides as soon as the right climate or opportunities present themselves. It’s vital to not give up and keep up the fight. Simply living without shame can be enough, demonstrating to the opposition that their bigotry doesn’t frighten or intimidate. I would like to think of myself as an ally, and I felt that in a tiny way that by creating some representations of gay couples that I was helping the fight.

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