“Evil Friends” Issue #1


Enter Eville, a scintillatingly salacious town where monsters and creatures dwell away from the prying eyes (and other organs) of so-called normal people. As a brand new resident, you’ll meet its delightful denizens, peer into its pleasant places, and learn its lamentably lurid lore! It will be an experience not soon forgotten, no matter how hard you may try…

The exciting premiere issue of a monstrous original comic series written and illustrated by Nicholas Ivins! This supersized first issue features 48 pages of stunning color story + artwork!

After purchasing, download the file (PDF) and enjoy on your eReader device.

For ages 15+

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Monsters. Creatures. Thing that go bump in the night. They’ve been with us since the dawn of time, and frankly, they’re sick of our %$#@&.

Enter Eville, a quaint little town where all the most horrible and awful abominations can live in harmony away from the even bigger abomination that is humanity. Since 1693, Eville has provided a tranquil refuge from people and their intolerance, as well as a springboard to adventure for its monstrous citizens! Populated by a diverse mass of creatures and dotted with all sorts of interesting diseased nooks and crannies, Eville won’t disappoint, although it may frighten and disgust. Consult your doctor if vomiting persists after the first 100 hours.

So hang out a bit and get to know the colorful and entertainingly neurotic denizens of this proud little ‘burg. You may just find some Friends among these Evil monsters…

And don’t bother mentioning the smell, we’re already aware of it.

The idea for this ghastly project began in 2013 with a music-inspired illustration piece. Since then it’s taken root in my weird brain and has grown into a large, unwieldy project I decided to commit to comic format.

Work began on this issue back in the middle of 2018 and continued sporadically until being resumed in force in late 2019 and finished in mid 2020. If I had worked solely on this at full time rate the issue would have been finished in much less time, but such is the life of a busy and distracted artist. In terms of total hours, I could not begin to conjure an estimate. An average page can take anywhere between 5 to 8+ hours to draw, ink, color, and letter.  But the total would be so much more than that simple calculus, even. The giant size of the issue also contributed to the long process, and I hope to get more modestly-sized future issues out in a much timelier fashion.

The last time I published a comic series was in 2012, and the landscape of the industry and readership has changed much in those 8 years, as well as my tools, technique, and style. There’s a lot I had to learn (and re-learn). Despite having created hundreds of comic pages over the course of 20 years (!) I still feel like a perpetual beginner when it comes to the sequential arts. Maybe that’s why I keep returning to it—the vain hope of mastering it, or at least gaining a small measure of awkward competency.

I have a good outline for several dozen stories and issues at this point that have been germinating for years now. It’s the most ambitious thing I’ve ever attempted creatively, and it’s been exciting to finally start getting it out of my head, onto paper, and out to the world. With this work I hope to cover a lot of ground as far as emotional range, thematic ideas, cultural satire, and philosophical concepts go. Or just a lot of weird, silly, and crude stuff that might not make sense to anyone but me.

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