“Serpienta” Process

Drawings with an insane amount of detail like “Serpienta” of course require an insane amount of time (and willpower) to complete. The process of this project took place over a six week period (don’t ask how many hours).  It was not six weeks of solid work, but a result of having to divide my attention […]

“Phoebius” Process

1. Initial pencil sketch. “Phoebius” was a more experimental project for me in both subject matter and visual style. It took a couple sketches to work out the composition and her pose. I also wanted to see how my unique concept of shading and form would work out visually. 2. Completed full size pencil drawing. […]

Before & After’s

When I tell people my art is colored partially by digital means (Photoshop, usually), they’re often curious as to what specifically was done on the computer. Typically, if there is ever a large area of color, or some type of subtle gradation of color, or glowing/knocked out tone effects going on, that was done on […]

“The Mesmerizing Mirela” Process

1. On a whim one day I decided to do a one-shot image of the black-haired dancer girl from my “If This Hat is Missing…” piece. At this point I didn’t think any further ahead than that. Uh, I mean it was only the first step in a grand artistic scheme. I’ll edit that first […]

“Muerta Bride” Process

This was quite a whirlwind project. I had a specific deadline which left me about 10 days to complete it (which is about two or three days fewer than I would normally take for a piece this size). I documented my daily progress below. The quality of the photos aren’t great since I was moving […]

“Muerta” Process

1. My ideas usually come as complete images in my head, with all the basics more or less in place. The idea for this piece popped into my head one day, and soon thereafter I jotted down the quick thumbnail on the right. None of the details were worked out in any real specificity, but […]

Inland Empire Weekly cover Process (September 2007)

1. This was a cover story about many Mexican immigrants’ accounts of their journey to America, some legal and some not. After reading through the copy of the story the editor provided, I came up with a couple pages of sketches. I based most of my concepts on actual tales told by the various immigrants. […]

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