Palomar Faculty Federation Mural Art

I was approached by an organization from Palomar College to create some wall art for their new off-campus office. They are Palomar Faculty Federation, a group dedicated to the fair and equitable treatment of teachers and educational workers alike, and so wanted some imagery that would recall the style and tone of old labor union […]

Pacific San Diego Magazine Cover

This was the cover illustration for Pacific San Diego Magazine‘s Art Issue. They wanted some graffiti-themed art that would reference some local San Diego landmarks. I wanted to connect these themes as well as illustrate the underground, sometimes subversive nature of graffiti art in general. Placing the art beneath the Coronado Bridge served both needs, […]

“Evil Friends”

Another entry in my music-inspired “Artistic Audities” series, this is an illustration of the title track off Portugal. The Man’s latest album. The indie rock band, despite its bafflingly obtuse name has quickly become one of my favorite groups in the past few years. Evil Friends is arguably their strongest, most cohesive album to date […]

“St. Shakespeare”

This was a commissioned piece from a client who is writing a book involving Shakespeare and the Catholic Church, which naturally played to my strengths and interests in religious imagery. The concept was to depict Shakespeare as a Catholic saint in the classical style, surrounded by various objects of symbolic meaning. The client had a […]


A continuation of my (yet unnamed; I’ll work on it) series of similarly–styled portraits, this might be the first time I’ve used blatantly photographic imagery in an art piece. The background is composed of punk zines and concert posters. I’m definitely no expert on that aspect of punk culture, but I do admire the DIY, […]

“Devoted Father, Loving Husband”

This is a further exploration of my “Forever Growing Centipedes” piece. It may be too early to say, but maybe the concept has… legs? Seriously, though. I felt like returning to the more graphic style that I used to draw in. Over time I’ve noticed my art is steadily getting more detailed, which isn’t bad […]

“Willie Nelson”

A full page illustration for Culture Magazine, this was another portrait of a popular tokin’ figure (see what I did there?). Like Snoop Dogg, Willie has very characteristic features and is a fairly easy likeness to get right. I felt like doing something quiet and dignified, hence the pose and choice of black and white.

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