“Surfer Rosa”

The second skateboard deck design I’ve done (first here), this was another board given to me by Zories Flip Flops & Beachwear that I started and finished at an event. I wanted to push my skills and the medium a bit farther than before, and I think this piece turned out pretty well. The design […]


I got it into my head to do a drawing of a witch. But I wanted to push the idea a bit further than a sexy girl in a pointed hat. I also intended it as an image for my growing selection of religious candles. I enjoyed (perhaps not the right word, but close) depicting […]

“The Thrilling Theodore”

I finally got around to doing a full length poster of the knife thrower from my music-inspired “If This Hat is Missing…” piece, which completes the series I had done of all the thrower’s girls. The process was basically the same as the others (which I had to go back and re-learn to refresh my […]

“Moderni Lamia”

I had been wanting for years to experiment with some halftone coloration, so I decided to employ that here. The imagery itself was something that popped into my head in dream state. Whether it deserved to be brought into our reality is anyone’s guess. The title is Latin for “Modern Vampire.” Why Latin? Here’s a […]


This was intended as a French-style Day of the Dead girl, along the lines of “Anastasia.” I hadn’t done a blue one yet, and I felt that color best represented the overall tone of the piece and the girl’s forlorn gaze. Fin.


This was a skateboard deck  design I did at an event at Zories Flip Flops & Beachwear in Carlsbad (who donated the board). I had never done anything like this before, and was pleasantly surprised that my pencils and Sharpies were able to work on the board’s surface. I improvised the design and completed it […]


I did this over the course of a couple events, which as it turns out, are good places to actually get some work done. I fiddled with the colors a lot in post. Originally, I intended it to be a stark almost black-and-white piece (like another one), but ended up adding a lot of color […]

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