“The Thrilling Theodore”

I finally got around to doing a full length poster of the knife thrower from my music-inspired “If This Hat is Missing…” piece, which completes the series I had done of all the thrower’s girls. The process was basically the same as the others (which I had to go back and re-learn to refresh my […]

“Moderni Lamia”

I had been wanting for years to experiment with some halftone coloration, so I decided to employ that here. The imagery itself was something that popped into my head in dream state. Whether it deserved to be brought into our reality is anyone’s guess. The title is Latin for “Modern Vampire.” Why Latin? Here’s a […]


This was intended as a French-style Day of the Dead girl, along the lines of “Anastasia.” I hadn’t done a blue one yet, and I felt that color best represented the overall tone of the piece and the girl’s forlorn gaze. Fin.

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