“Serpienta” Process

Drawings with an insane amount of detail like “Serpienta” of course require an insane amount of time (and willpower) to complete. The process of this project took place over a six week period (don’t ask how many hours).  It was not six weeks of solid work, but a result of having to divide my attention […]

Pacific San Diego Magazine Cover

This was the cover illustration for Pacific San Diego Magazine‘s Art Issue. They wanted some graffiti-themed art that would reference some local San Diego landmarks. I wanted to connect these themes as well as illustrate the underground, sometimes subversive nature of graffiti art in general. Placing the art beneath the Coronado Bridge served both needs, […]

“Flora (6)”

As much as I love color and applying it in my art, it’s not something I think too much about. That probably makes me sound like kind of bad/lazy artist, but what I mean is that color is something I tend to do instinctively. My choices are usually bold and simple; when it comes time […]


People often ask what “message” a particular piece of mine is attempting to communicate. At the risk of destroying what little mystique I possess, I will confess that often my images mean nothing! That’s oversimplifying it a bit. I would estimate that about half of the art that I do has some sort of concrete […]

Before & After’s

When I tell people my art is colored partially by digital means (Photoshop, usually), they’re often curious as to what specifically was done on the computer. Typically, if there is ever a large area of color, or some type of subtle gradation of color, or glowing/knocked out tone effects going on, that was done on […]


I was inspired to do this piece after seeing a similar-looking (pregnant) woman at an event. There’s something somewhat adorable about pregnant women, as well as admirable in regards to their life-carrying status. Perhaps there’s an unconscious endearment for their vulnerability. The motif is a flower/sun thing, both symbols of life-giving force, blossoming beginnings, and […]


This was intended as a French-style Day of the Dead girl, along the lines of “Anastasia.” I hadn’t done a blue one yet, and I felt that color best represented the overall tone of the piece and the girl’s forlorn gaze. Fin.


This was a skateboard deck  design I did at an event at Zories Flip Flops & Beachwear in Carlsbad (who donated the board). I had never done anything like this before, and was pleasantly surprised that my pencils and Sharpies were able to work on the board’s surface. I improvised the design and completed it […]

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