“Snowy Owl” Print

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Glowering intensely, this snowy owl’s glowing eyes reflect its harsh and brutal environment.

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Another entry in (what is becoming) a series on owls. Although I’ve drawn other birds here and there, owls seem to be a recurrent theme with me. I’m not completely sure what the basis of my fixation is, but it’s probably in line with humanity’s overall fascination with owls. Of all birds, I think all the various cultures of the world have placed the most philosophical and intellectual values on owls—whether it’s as harbingers of death (Africa), sorcery and evil (the Americas), or wisdom and intelligence (Western cultures). There’s something captivating (and at times, unsettling) about their visages and behaviors.

Like the other owls I’ve drawn, I wanted to place this one in its habitat, both visually and thematically. As the name implies, snowy owls are found in the frigid and often desolate regions of the northern hemisphere, so I wanted to depict a creature built for those harsh conditions. Likewise, the eyes are fierce and merciless, qualities necessary for survival in such hostile surroundings. The plumage and markings of snowy owls differ between the sexes; females have more black markings than the males. My original vision of the piece was a more stark and bare image as befitting a white and featureless landscape, but I ended up putting much more detail into it.

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