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For some, slow and steady is a way of life. And smiles!

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Sloths are acutely silly and odd animals. Of course, their name is one of the biblical sins, which feels a little undeserved. They’re certainly not lazy, they just have extraordinarily slow metabolisms. In fact, their metabolic rates are so slow they could almost be considered cold-blooded. Their curved, distinctive claws allow them to hang from trees and vines without expending any energy at all, and in fact they sometimes will die and start to decompose still hanging from branches.

Native to the rainforests of South America and sharing the same territories as fearsome predators like jaguars, it seems like a wonder that they can survive. Despite their reputation, they are capable of quick bursts of speed. They rarely leave the safety of the forest canopy and have thin bodies that aren’t very appetizing. Their fur often houses types of algae that are beneficial to the animal.

Even more fascinating is that their prehistoric ancestors were the size of modern elephants!

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