“Serpienta” Print

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A creepily beautiful Day of the Dead medusa featuring intricately detailed and colorful sugar skull snake heads that makes for an unforgettable image.

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Medusa(s) have gradually become one of my favorite subject matters  for various reasons. The mythological origin of it appeals to me, as well as the female aspect, and the fusion of human and animal forms is visually fascinating. Add to that some Day of the Dead flavoring, and you’ve got an Ivins bonanza!

Not since “Valentina” have I poured so much time and detail into an image. I completed it in spurts over the course of about a month. It turned out to be more colorful than I envisioned. Once I decided to give each sugar skull snake head its own color scheme, I thought I might as well follow through with the scaled bodies themselves.

This project reminded of the irony that although I do plenty of Day of the Dead art, I very rarely include actual skulls in my drawings.

Read here to learn more about the process of this piece!

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