“Rita’s Garden” Print

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A sequel to “Rita” that features a colorful and symbolic landscape, bursting with life and vitality.

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I decided to revisit the “Rita” character I had done a couple years back. It bore a resemblance to the well-known Mexican artist (and culture icon) Frida Kahlo, so I based this depiction on one of the most iconic photos of Frida. I also made several other visual homages to her artwork in the background—lush foliage and thorns. These represent the life and spirit of Frida and her art, as well as the pain and hardship she endured. The rose petals raining down symbolize the fleeting moments of joy, tinged with the specter of death looming in the background,

Just as with the previous “Rita,” I strove for a vibrant, colorful, and energetic image. I view this character as a sort of reincarnation of her spirit in the guise of a Day of the Dead calaca, and it’s always a pleasure to work with her.

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