“Phoebius” Print

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A stone white medusa rendered in a starkly graphic style brings strange new life to an age old legend.

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Doing as many shows and events as I did last year and meeting/observing so many other artists has provided extra motivation to continue to grow and improve myself. This piece is a bit of a departure for me in terms of style and content and represents that desire to try new things (maybe even successfully!). I was interested in doing something with a very stark and graphic appearance, but with complex forms. The snake heads were challenging since they’re complicated shapes and had to be depicted from many angles.

It was completed digitally in Illustrator and Photoshop from an actual-sized pencil drawing. The background watercolor-like wash was done in Photoshop after some unsuccessful attempts to do it by hand. I really do suck at painting. Read about the process here!

The title was taken from the Greek word for “snake,” but made to sound more classically mythological.

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