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A spooky colony of leathery-winged bats takes flight!

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Meant as a companion piece to the Murder of crows I did the previous October, I chose another spooky, much-maligned animal. To be fair, bats are very effective vectors for viruses (such as rabies), so their long-standing reputation of dark creatures of death is somewhat earned. The only true flying mammal, bats often congregate into vast colonies that can number in the millions and are generally active at night. The type illustrated here is the flying fox, some species of which are the largest bats in the world. They were mainly chosen because they are objectively the cutest/least horrifying bat (I really like the look of the vampire bat, though).

The piece was not only a thematic companion to the crow drawing, but a visual one as well. The same composition was used, but inverted to face the opposite direction. I had originally intended an orange-yellow sky to capture an autumnal/October feel, but this proved to be too close to the color of the bats themselves. The blueish night sky proved to be a better visual contrast to the bats, as well as the red crow piece.

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