“Nautilus” Print

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A shelled deep sea cephalopod!

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The nautilus is a member of the cephalopod class and is related to other tentacled sea creatures such as octopus, squid, and cuttlefish. It is distinctive for its external shell, being the only remaining cephalopod that still has one. Early in their evolution, all cephalopods had external shells but most species gradually lost them over millions of years, making the nautilus a living fossil. Although the shell provides protection, it is very cumbersome and makes the animal somewhat awkward and clumsy in its movements (cephalopods usually swim backwards) . Squid and octopus are able to move much more quickly and squeeze into almost any space because of their amorphous bodies which are unencumbered by shells or skeletons. And yet, the nautilus have been able to persist for eons despite their bulky shells. There’s something endearing about that to me.

Unlike the last cephalopod I drew, the process on this one was relatively straightforward. The overall shape of the shell was relatively simple but a lot of detail was employed for the color and texture. In regards to the background I felt like doing something different, so I went with a much simpler and graphic treatment.

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