“Muerta Bride” Print

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A stunningly large portrait of a Dia de los Muertos bride, beautifully framed by an ornately detailed border of roses and leaves which feature critters native to Mexico and the southwestern United States.

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I took the same basic concept of “Muerta” (border, girl inside, heavy texture) and pushed it further and into a different direction. I wanted to do something more fluid and less grid-like, hence the rose and leaf border. As much as I liked the extremely colorful nature of the last image, I felt like doing something a bit more restrained, so I reigned in the color palette. It’s still quite bright and vibrant.

At the time this was the largest drawing I’d ever done at 24 x 30″. The amount of time that needs to be put in for the detail something this size entails can be exhausting, to say the least. I put myself in a bit of a squeeze to get it done in time for a self-imposed deadline, and I’m pleased that I not only finished it in 10 days, but that the piece turned out so well.

Read more about the process here.

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