“Maggie” Print

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A New Orleans-style Día de los Muertos lady standing against a classic New Orleans cemetery.

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I had been wanting to do a New Orleans-themed couple for a while, as well as incorporate some ethnic diversity beyond the Latino and white (but occasionally Asian) people most of my Day of the Dead stuff features. I went with a vintage style for the clothes and hairstyle and incorporated some tombs and graveyards of New Orleans. And the colors are, of course, Mardi Gras-themed. Both pieces feature a continuous background, which was fun to do.

I researched and sketched out several styles of gowns, some of which were more detailed and ostentatious than the final one. Ultimately, I found a simpler style more elegant-looking, so I went with this glittery number. Her name is a reference to the flower in her hair, a magnolia.

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