“Humpbacks” Print

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A pod of humpback whales glide gracefully through emerald blue waters.

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Whales are undeniably some of the coolest creatures the Earth has ever seen—their sheer size and majesty are awe-inspiring, but their intelligence and gentleness are what make them truly remarkable. We should count ourselves fortunate that the largest animals that have ever existed don’t possess a violent bone in their gigantic bodies. Gliding peacefully through the water, they live in social groups and families called pods and communicate with one another through a language of sounds that span the audible spectrum.

I wanted to depict their gentle grace, so I illustrated a few members of a pod, including a mother and child. Humpbacks aren’t the largest of whales, but they are one of the most recognizable and the most visually interesting from an artistic point of view. Their fins are proportionally the largest of any whales to their body size, and give them an almost birdlike appearance as they swim. Likewise, their patchy and often weathered skin add to their visual interest and made them an ideal subject for my style. The wart-like protuberances at the end of their heads are sensory follicles that allow them to detect changes of pressure and temperature in the water.

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