“Great Horned Owl” Print

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This strikingly graphic rendition of a great horned owl showcases Nicholas Ivins’ trademark stylization and attention to detail.

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One of my favorite subjects to draw is animals, and birds in particular like this great horned owl. I made the drawing large and detailed in order to do it justice, and it was the most complex inking I have done on a drawing to date. Although this image was done way back in 2005, it still stands out as one of my best and favorites pieces.

It was just one of those pieces in which everything came together nearly perfectly – composition, drawing, inking, and color. It shows off my full potential as an artist, which is at the same time satisfying and frustrating. As much skill and experience as an artist can have, whether or not a work is brilliant or merely good is, for the most part, completely out of their control. You can try your hardest to apply all the lessons you’ve learned but in the end any given piece is a crapshoot, a random convergence of elements and variables that are beyond our powers of understanding as puny mortals.

It’s what makes art exciting – not knowing how something will turn out until it is pieced together and given life. It’s also what makes illustration frustrating when you have deadlines to meet and people to please!

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