“Giraffe” Print

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A monumentally-sized and detailed portrait of Earth’s tallest creature!

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Giraffes are very ubiquitous creature all over the world, so it’s easy to gloss over their highly unusual appearance. They are the world’s tallest animal and yet their necks contain the same amount of vertebrae as a human’s – seven (they’re just longer, obviously). There are nine sub-species, each with a different and distinctive coat pattern.

I always approach my animal pieces as portraits, and thus I often end up taking a close-up perspective. As interesting as their lanky bodies are, I’ve always liked their gigantic heads. Their little horns, long eyelashes, and extremely long black-tipped tongues are evolutionary adaptations that help them to survive and forage in the tall trees throughout Africa.

As befits an animal of their stature, I made the drawing extremely tall and narrow to match. The sheer size of it was a challenge with my detailed style, but I enjoyed the shadowing and personality of the face.

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