“Flamingo” Print

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A funky and colorful tropical bird!

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Flamingos are enormously bizarre-looking creatures, so of course I’d want to draw one! As large, lanky, and awkward looking as they are, they are adept flyers and hunters. Their habit of standing on one leg is believed to conserve body heat by minimizing the amount of bodily contact with the water; due to their unique leg anatomy, they actually expend less energy than if they stand on two legs. Their coral color comes from their diet, with their feathers being naturally white.

Like with the Rooster, I wanted to depict the bird‘s quirky personality with a graphically interesting background. I had a retro Florida aesthetic in mind, and got some visual inspiration from a suitcase I randomly saw at the airport in Cancún, Mexico. With an extremely detailed foreground, I don’t like to burden the background with too much detail, so I tried to keep in simple and bold.

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