“Digitalia” Print

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Combining Dia de los Muertos and Tron in a spectacular fashion, this is a very special limited print only available on paper or metal.

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This was a digital piece I did as part of a group art show put on by Art Plus Wood, a local printing/art seller I had partnered with. The show took place nearby world famous San Diego Comic Con (in both time and location), so the overall theme of the show was comics/film/pop culture. I chose to combine Day of the Dead with the movie “Tron” (specifically the dumb but visually awesome sequel “Tron: Legacy”). I generally don’t do much in the way of pop culture-type art (outside of illustration gigs), but I’ve always been captivated by futuristic sci-fi cityscapes, and I always like to take Día de los Muertos imagery to places I haven’t seen before.

It was an opportunity to use an idea I had before of a futuristic Day of the Dead girl, with luminescent facial markings in place of traditional paint/makeup. Using “Tron” as an inspiration brought with it the aesthetics, colors, and design elements that I ran with.

Despite its name, Art Plus Wood prints on a variety of substrates, such as canvas and brushed metal. From the start I wanted the piece to be on metal so I planned the concept out accordingly. Metal prints have a dark but shiny appearance to them (since the metal is grey, not the typical white of paper or canvas), unless white ink is used. I decided to have the white glowing parts of the piece printed with a white ink coating underneath to contrast against the metallic darkness of the rest. The finished metal print is a very striking result, with the lighted parts shining brightly against the surrounding areas, which have a dark, iridescent quality to them. The appearance of the print shifts depending on the viewing/lighting angle, and is an overall very cool effect.

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