“Corazones” Print

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A surrealist tribute to one of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo’s best known works, featuring a family intertwined both literally and symbolically.

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Although there is a pervasive oddness to my work, I haven’t dabbled much in actual surrealism (even though I identify with the lowbrow/pop surrealism movement). My work (and brain) tends to be fairly literal-minded, grounded mostly in a stylized reality save for a divergent detail or two. With this piece, a concept I had in mind for a while, I wanted to break out of my comfort zone while paying homage to one of the most well-known works of Mexican/German painter Frida Kahlo.

The process of the piece was very similar to “Luna,” in which I skipped the inking I typically do and went straight from pencils to color – both marker and colored pencil in this case. This yielded a much softer, painterly appearance. Speaking of paint, I painted! The background, that is. All the elements were combined digitally as usual and further enhanced. Ultimately I wanted the work to resemble an old painting, so the overall hue and pigments were adjusted as such.

The subject matter is decidedly more symbolic than usual for me. The intertwining hearts is not a groundbreaking concept, but I think the execution is strong and is a fitting tribute to Ms. Frida.

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