“Bird of Paradise” Print

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A rare but boldly styled and executed still-life of a distinctively tropical variety of plant.

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A long-standing request from my mother that I finally fulfilled for her birthday. I think if it were up to her this kind of stuff would be all I draw—a.k.a. things of broader interest, that people might actually want to buy (her words!). Oh, mom.

Despite my artistic lack of interest in plants (at least as a focal point, they often work themselves into many pieces), I thought this turned out well. I worked from some close-up photos that highlighted the forms and shadows of the flower, and in the background I employed a more graphic/design approach to the leaves. I tried to inject as much of my style and personality into a subject that, by definition has no personality whatsoever (cuz it’s a plant).

It’s interesting not only what kinds of subjects artists tend to draw, but also what subjects they don’t. I’ve never been one for still lifes or landscapes. I’m not anti-nature, though; I do enjoy drawing animals. I suppose it’s the inanimate nature of those kinds of things that turn me off; I try to imbue my art with as much personality and distinctiveness as possible (one reason why people are my favorite subject).

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