“Azure” Print

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Decked out in full body paint and holding an oriole, this captivating Día beauty has an almost voodoo feel.



Despite my dedication to certain subject matters I’ve held closely to over the years, I’m always compelled to keep things fresh and interesting by finding new angles and directions on those subjects. In this case, I felt inspired to switch up the standard portrayals of Dia de los Muertos figures.

One of my favorite aspects of the tradition is the creativity and pageantry of people’s paint and costuming, and I’m always drawn to the more elaborate efforts I’ve seen at festivals and events. I can’t help but admire the extreme styles of full body painting, complete with white bones on black skin, which is what I sought to explore here. The stark black and white appearance is graphically interesting, and creates an almost voodoo-type feel, which I found enjoyable.

The bird is an Altamira Oriole, found mostly in the Mexican and Central American coasts.

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