“Día de los Muertos: A Coloring Book III”


This beautiful 32-page coloring book features the best of Nicholas Ivins’ black and white Día de los Muertos artwork, ready to be re-imagined by your colors!

Book measures 8.5 x 11″ and is printed on thick, bright white paper. It contains over 30 black and white drawings to color. Perfect for adults and kids.


The process for all my work begins as a drawing (usually in ink), with color added afterward in a variety of manners. Since all my work exists as ink or pencil drawings, it seemed like a pretty straightforward idea of assembling them into a book for others to color.

Coloring is the most interesting part of the process of creating my work. Typically, I don’t give a huge amount of thought to color until it’s time to do it, so doing it is an interesting process of discovery. It’s where the mood and tone comes into focus, where the art really comes to life for me, so I’m happy to share that with others!

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