FaithPeople often ask what “message” a particular piece of mine is attempting to communicate. At the risk of destroying what little mystique I possess, I will confess that often my images mean nothing!

That’s oversimplifying it a bit. I would estimate that about half of the art that I do has some sort of concrete story or theme that I am trying to communicate. But the rest of the pieces exist simply as (hopefully) cool-looking artistic exercises. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. My primary goal as an artist has always been to make visually awesome pictures. Other artists are more concerned with thematic significance. I’ve found that it’s difficult (but not impossible) to balance them; the art will tend to skew one way or the other.

The pursuit of the technically-proficient image is one of the hallmarks of lowbrow/pop surrealist art, and one of the reasons why I’m attracted to it. Traditional fine art typically goes in the opposite direction by emphasizing philosophical and historical commentary over technical artistic skill. Which is all well and good, but ultimately, it is not the kind of artist I ever saw myself as being. I never set out to re-invent the wheel, just to draw it as kick-ass as possible.

So, case in point: tattooed girl with Bible. That’s about it!

I did the inked drawing with nothing but Sharpie markers; I typically used much more precise Rapidograph technical pens to ink.  In this case I felt like doing something more textured (and quickly!), and Sharpies provide a wonderful immediacy to inking I rarely allow myself to experience.

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