“Team Burks”

This was a commission from a good friend of mine, a tribute to her husband’s guitar and other interests of his – surfing, fishing, music, and family. She married a man, in other words. She wanted his first guitar to be the centerpiece of the image. He also appreciates Day of the Dead-styled imagery, so […]

“The Mesmerizing Mirela” Process

1. On a whim one day I decided to do a one-shot image of the black-haired dancer girl from my “If This Hat is Missing…” piece. At this point I didn’t think any further ahead than that. Uh, I mean it was only the first step in a grand artistic scheme. I’ll edit that first […]

“The Mesmerizing Mirela,” etc.

I decided to do one-shot posters of all the girls from my “If This Hat is Missing…” piece. It started with just  a simple drawing of “Mirela,” which grew to drawings of all of them, and then backgrounds, and then fully-realized poster designs (with hand-drawn type) that were artificially aged in  Photoshop. There were clearly […]

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