Doing the “Vamp” piece put me in a mood to do some digital pieces,so here’s another one. I didn’t give any thought towards color until after the thing was already drawn, and I tried a couple different options before settling on green. Red looked cool, but that was too much like the Vamp drawing (and […]


The Union Tribune, probably the largest newspaper in San Diego, ran a contest for Father’s Day ’11 to do a portrait of your father.  The UT was also where both my parents worked (and met). My father Bob Ivins was a photographer there for many years before passing away in 1991. My mom urged me […]

“Nickalaus Komolanov Ivinski II”

Despite the sequential narrative narcissism I’ve been engaging in for decades, I’ve never been one for self portraits – that is, visually accurate ones. Why, you ask? Oh, who am I kidding – you didn’t ask! No one dooooeeeessss They’ve never really appealed to me. Artistically, it seems like one of the most boring subjects […]

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