One of my random promotional images, this was quite an adventure. I wanted to try something a little different from the stuff I had been doing for a while, and this piece represented a divergence in style and medium(s). It started off as a pen-and-ink drawing, colored with marker. From there I incorporated colored pencil (which I hadn’t touched in many years) as well as watercolor paint. I wanted to achieve a more varied and textured image, and I think I succeeded admirably.

I enjoy the various layers of the drawing and the amount of attention I devoted to each one – foremost the woman, and then the framed painting, followed by the wall. Each component I invested almost equal amounts of time and energy to render, and when added together, they form a complete and visually engrossing image. Initially I imagined having a much more complex wallpaper texture, but my imaginary deadline negated a more ambitious design. Still, I think it looks great the way it is and in fact a more intricate pattern might have detracted away from the picture frame, which I think was also executed nicely.

Normally I will do visual research when it comes to illustrating things, such as I did for the lamp, picture frame, and wallpaper. Surprisingly, the one thing not based on any research was the woman herself and her costume. I am probably the only man in history to have ever looked for non-erotic images of maids (actually I’m not, but for this project I temporarily was). I really didn’t find anything that suited my fancy so I made something up that looked right to me and I think it looks wholly convincing, if not mostly fanciful.

Most of the comments I received on the picture pertained to how attractive the girl is, so I guess it turned out to be a pretty erotic maid after all. I can’t help it!

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