“The Gallows is God”

The now-defunct Distillers was a punk band led by Australian singer and guitarist Brody Dalle. She was at one time married to Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong. Their marriage ended prior to The Distillers’ third (and final) album Coral Fang in 2003 (and Rancid’s Indestructible album in the same year). Both bands’ respective albums deal with […]

“St. Mary”

Rancid’s 1994 album Let’s Go! wasn’t their first, but it was the start of their steady rise to fame in the 90’s. It is a quintessentially Rancid album that displays many of their trademarks—a surprisingly large collection (23 tracks total) of short and fast melodies (not a single track reaches the 3:00 mark) centered around […]

“Phoenix Heart”

This commissioned piece was intended to be a sleeve tattoo and include multiple elements that the client liked – including a sacred heart that was out of the ordinary. I decided to go with an anatomical heart (which I always liked because of its complex form), which was all too easy to pair with a […]

“St. Shakespeare”

This was a commissioned piece from a client who is writing a book involving Shakespeare and the Catholic Church, which naturally played to my strengths and interests in religious imagery. The concept was to depict Shakespeare as a Catholic saint in the classical style, surrounded by various objects of symbolic meaning. The client had a […]


People often ask what “message” a particular piece of mine is attempting to communicate. At the risk of destroying what little mystique I possess, I will confess that often my images mean nothing! That’s oversimplifying it a bit. I would estimate that about half of the art that I do has some sort of concrete […]

“In the Fold”

Nope, nothing controversial here. This is a continuation of my vampire series that started with last year’s “Covenant.” It’s not necessarily a religious series, but that seems as good a place to start as any. Like the nun piece, I didn’t initially have any thematic motives when I came up with this one; the idea […]


I got it into my head to do a drawing of a witch. But I wanted to push the idea a bit further than a sexy girl in a pointed hat. I also intended it as an image for my growing selection of religious candles. I enjoyed (perhaps not the right word, but close) depicting […]

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